First Alert Weather In-Depth: Weather and the influence on the baseball

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. I love baseball and I also love our Rochester weather! And that seems like a perfect match for this News10NBC First Alert In-Depth weather topic.

Here is the question: How does the weather impact a little baseball? Well, depending on the type of atmosphere, that impact can be significant.

If we use an example of two baseball stadiums and one of these stadiums is being played on a cold night, that cold atmosphere will affect the distance the baseball will travel. The cold air is more dense and has more air molecules for the baseball to collide with as it travels through the air. As a result, the ball will have less chance of traveling a great distance, and maybe a home run is a little less likely to happen.

But if there is an atmosphere with a lot of humidity, that well-hit baseball has a greater chance of leaving the ballpark. Why? There is no doubt the ball will encounter air molecules, but the air is less dense and creates less “drag” on the ball.

As a result, it has a better chance of going out of the park. It should be noted that there are many other factors such as wind direction and precipitation.

Maybe you have plans to head out to the ballgame Tuesday evening. Right now the weather forecast looks pretty good as the temperature for the first pitch will be near 60 degrees, and by the 7th inning stretch, the temperature will be dropping through the 50s.

So as the umpire yells, “Let’s play ball!”