First Alert Weather In-Depth Weather; Not Enough Cold Weather?

Weather In-Depth: 12/13/23

The News10NBC Team details breaking News, Traffic and Weather.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Rochester had a little bit of lake snow on Wednesday. However, this snowfall has been more of the exception rather than the rule for Western New York this season.

Part of the problem is there is no consistency to the cold air and when we do get the cold temperatures it does not last for very long. The last seven days is an excellent example. The high temperature this past week has gone from readings in the 30s and then to a record “high” of 63 degrees on Saturday and then back into the 30s. Obviously, we really need to the keep cold air in place for a much longer period of time to create consistent snowfall. Snowfall is now approximately 10 inches below normal for the season.

There will be some significant implications on the next storm for Monday and Tuesday. It is still too early to be definitive on the path of the storm as one track could be closer to Rochester and the other might be several hundred miles off the Atlantic coast. However, we are pretty certain there will be a lot of wind as this storm rolls-up the East Coast and there will be some flooding rain for the big cities like New York and Boston. But the location and amount of snowfall will be in question. Right now, we are confident there will be some elevation snow. But will it be cold enough to measure snow on the ground in the Rochester? Stay tuned to News 10NBC First Alert meteorologists for the answer.

Looking beyond this storm, the eight to 14 day outlook for the temperature probability shows a greater likelihood for the temperature to be warmer than usual. This takes us beyond the Christmas holiday and right now the probability is for above average temperatures.

I do not want be a “grinch”, but there are some serious doubts about getting snow on the ground for Christmas day.