First Alert Weather In-Depth: What a difference a year can make

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — We all know what 24 hours in weather can do, especially this time of year.

We can go from highs in the 60s or 70s to temperatures tanking into the 30s. Now, just imagine what a difference a year can make. That is exactly what it did for October 19.

For this year, we had a beautiful day as our afternoon highs Thursday reached the mid-60s! However, last year it was a much different story. Our afternoon high only reached 46 degrees. Not that eye grabbing, but the attention grasping headline for last year is that for this date (Oct. 19) we saw our first snowflakes of the 2022-23 winter season!

This year is obviously different.

With that in mind, we are keeping our eyes peeled on the opportunity for our first flakes of this season, because on average our first date for them is October 23. We do not have any flakes in the forecast through the next 10 days. So, we will have to wait a bit for them, but you know they’re on their way. Not only that, but so is our first measurable snow as that average date falls on November 8.

In terms of something substantial, or impactful, we will have to wait until around Thanksgiving as our average first inch of snow, or more, does not occur until November 20. Even though, that’s only about a month away!

We hope everyone enjoys this upcoming mild stretch of weather because…Winter is coming!