First Alert Weather In-Depth: Young and “older” following the rain

Weather In-Depth

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – This is an opportunity for a grandparent to show off his grandson. Sure, I am a little biased, but my grandson is possibly on his way to becoming a junior meteorologist. He is only five years old, but he is learning about the use of a weather rain gauge.

Maybe time for all of us to track the rain? The latest computer models have a prognostication of how much precipitation is expected in the coming days. And it shows that portions of Western New York could see more than an inch of rain. Obviously, the weather pattern is really not looking too good in the near term. It is a rather slow moving system and much of this week will be needed to clear-out the weather across the northeast. The probability of precipitation (rain and snow) appears to rather high over the next 72 hours, but then the risk of rain drops and snowflakes begins to drop significantly as we head into the weekend.

The pressure is on for a good forecast for the big solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. And this is the kind of weather pattern that makes a junior or a senior meteorologist just a little bit anxious about early next week.