First responders awarded medals for saving man swarmed by a thousand bees

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Seven first responders were awarded medals for their bravery and courage in Penfield on Saturday.

They helped save a man’s life after he was attacked by more than not one, not two, but a thousand bees earlier this month.

Without hesitation, these paramedics put their own lives on the line. Rushing to save a man they found unconscious behind his home, completely surrounded by bees.

“I, Samra Brouk realized that in Ike Mulligan we have an individual worthy of the highest respect and esteem,” said State Senator Samra Brouk.

Awarded the medal of valor on Saturday, Mulligan was among seven paramedics honored with unit commendations for their heroic actions this labor day.

Dan Riordan, EMS Manager, Penfield Ambulance said, “Fortunately the lifesaving actions of Ike Mulligan before I arrived prolonged this individuals life to where once a paramedic, once in the hands of a paramedic, he was able to give him more lifesaving interventions before strong hospital.”

Riordan says that Mulligan and Ashley Pisciotta were the first EMTs on the scene.

What they found was an unresponsive man in a bee suit, lying on his back and foaming at the mouth, next to multiple bee boxes.

While trying to remove the man from the swarm and give him a shot of epinephrine, Mulligan was stung more than 250 times.

Selfless actions that Riordan says his paramedics are trained and ready to perform anywhere, no matter what the situation.

Riordan said, “Day to day our folks go out just like what happened with the COVID pandemic. Walking into the unknow, but willing to help people and put themselves forward.”

The man was taken to strong hospital and was treated. Riordan says since then, he has come by the EMS station to thank everyone who helped save his life.

“I’ve been in touch with him twice now. He’s great. I think he’s a little embarrassed. and he said I learned some lessons that day.

The bees were only under control when Penfield firefighters sprayed them with fire extinguishers.