Five doctors leave Rochester Regional Health office in Penfield

RRH Doctors Leave

RRH Doctors Leave

PENFIELD, N.Y. – Some patients with Linden Medical Group in Penfield are concerned about a letter they received regarding five doctors.

According to the letter, all five doctors listed on the website left, at a moments notice. No specific reason was given.

The office is affiliated with Rochester Regional Health, who said in a statement, “Some physicians made a personal and professional decision to leave the practice.”

Patient Joe Gonzalez said he was shocked to learn in a letter, that his doctor Dr. Jeffrey Vuillequez is no longer practicing there. He said he and his wife would like to continue seeing him, even if means going somewhere else.

He has an appointment coming up in February, and he’s not sure if he’ll get to connect with him before then. He said the office couldn’t provide a specific end-date. Gonzalez said he called the office to ask some questions, including if he could still be a patient in the future. He says a woman replied, it’s possible he won’t be, if there’s not enough staff. According to the letter Gonzalez got in his MyCare inbox, the office said it will continue to operate with other nurses and staff.

“You really want to be sure that you have somebody you can see if you are sick. They didn’t even give any advice like, if you’re sick after this date go to the hospital,” said Gonzalez. “Starting over with a new doctor, might happen someday. This was a little bit of a surprise and not much warning.”

News10NBC was able to reach some of the doctors by phone and email, but all declined to comment.

“This seems like a mass exodus from the practice,” he said.

“I understand there is probably a bunch of legal things going on behind the scenes, things they can and can’t say,” he said. “But something like this, you really want to be sure you have somebody you can see if you are sick.”

Full statement from Rochester Regional Health:

“Rochester Regional Health (RRH) is in the process of notifying patients of upcoming changes at one of our practices, Linden Medical Group. Some physicians made a personal and professional decision to leave the practice. In the coming weeks, every patient will receive a personalized letter with more detailed information which should address many questions and concerns.

The health and well-being of our patients remain RRH’s top priority, and a team of providers including physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses and staff will ensure that patients continue to receive the high quality care they have come to expect at Linden Medical Group. Patients can and should continue to call the office with medical questions, to make appointments and schedule their medicine refills during this time of transition. Any patients with more questions about these changes, can call (585) 922-9253 and talk to our on-site care team.”