Fleet Feet hosts its first race after massive warehouse fire

A “Spook-tacular” event for Fleet Feet, everyone dressed up in costumes for “Pumpkins in the Park 5K.” This is the company’s first race since a warehouse fire destroyed its inventory. The owner of Fleet Feet says they were able to pull it together last minute.

“It’s very different in that we have much less equipment than we’ve ever had before, we did have to go ahead and purchase equipment the day after the fire happened,” Ellen Brenner-Boutiller said, owner of the running company.

This year’s “Pumpkins in the Park” was a success. Brenner-Boutiller says they weren’t going to let the fire act as a “scare tactic”, they’re moving forward.

“Knowing that Turkey Trot is coming on Thanksgiving with 3,300 people, that’s the one we really need to get equipment for, so we started buying our finish line arches the day after, and they’re supposed to be in on time.”

There may have been less equipment for this event, but Fleet Feet still gave the crowd an “Oh my gourd” factor.

“Especially coming off of the fire, it’s so great to see so many people in good spirits,” Brenda Myrthil said, a volunteer for the race.

“Fleet feet always puts on amazing runs, so even though they just faced this terrible disaster, they pulled it together and made sure this community could have this race,” Angeleen Trotta said, who ran the race.  

Fleet Feet is still looking ahead and planning races, the company says it refuses to cancel any of them.

The next race will be the “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving Day.