Fleet Feet rebounds after October fire destroys warehouse

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Even in the face of watching her store’s warehouse burn to the ground in October, Fleet Feet business owner Ellen Brenner-Boutiller says she never gave up hope.

“If essentially burned 90 percent of our equipment for our race company Yellow Jacket racing. The building itself was completely burned to the ground,” said Brenner-Boutiller.

Determined to rebuild her store and continue the legacy of Yellow Jacket Racing, Brenner-Boutiller says she nothing could have stood in her way.

“The last few months have just been recouping. Trying to get back, trying to get a new warehouse, so we can plan for the 2023 race season,” Brenner-Boutiller said.

All projects are being executed according to plan for the full racing season ahead.

“I project by the end of this year. So by Rochester Marathon and 5K, we’ll have everything back that we are supposed to have,” Brenner-Boutiller said.

Determination, attitude, and ability to adapt. All things that Breener-Boutiller says have been the key to getting her business back off the ground. Advice she hopes others will keep in mind when faced with similar situations

Brenner-Boutiller: As a business owner you start to learn that you have to accept what happens, take it for what it’s worth and do with it what you can. Try not to wallow in any of that negativity and just keep going.