Former Fairport substitute teacher, camp counselor admits to sharing sexually explicit photos with young kids

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FAIRPORT, N.Y. News10NBC is learning more information about the local substitute teacher and summer camp counselor facing child porn charges.

 Investigators said 25-year-old Marc Hoffman chatted online with several kids and shared sexually explicit photos with them.

Hoffman has been released on certain conditions that include a GPS monitor, curfew, and staying away from minors. 

Investigators say there are a lot of moving parts to it, but the biggest one was a teen tipping of the Fairport Central School District.

“As the investigation continued, they determined that there was probable cause to believe that he had engaged in the child pornography crimes,” Assistant US Attorney Kyle Rossi said. 

 Investigators said the tip came from a 17-year-old Snapchat user who told the Fairport Central School District that former substitute teacher Marc Hoffman was asking for sexually explicit photos through social media. 

That teen was not a Fairport student.

Investigators then found Hoffman had multiple conversations with other kids, one as young as 13 years old. They say they found photos on his phone and he admitted to exchanging inappropriate pictures with up to 20 kids.

 “At this point, what the FBI is aware of and they’re continuing to investigate what is actually contained in the complaint, which I believe are somewhere in the area of 10 images or less right now,” Rossi said. 

 Fairport District leaders said Hoffman was fired immediately.

Hoffman is also a former summer camp counselor Perinton. Town leaders are investigating and have contacted the parents of any children who may have attended a camp with him.

 “Children now are growing up in a society that’s drastically different than their parents grew up in,” Rossi said. “The dangers now come in a lot of different forms, and many of them are through screens and unfortunately, things that children do on the internet are not things that can be erased once they are on the internet, and internet safety is a really important topic.”

 Rossi said as of now, they don’t have any reason to believe Hoffman acted inappropriately with Fairport students or kids at camp.