Former City Council member, released from prison, now works at Children’s Detention Center and wants changes

Adam McFadden speaks at Monroe County Legislation

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Adam McFadden spoke at the Monroe County Legislature this month.

McFadden is a former City Council member who served four months in prison 18 months after he pleaded guilty to fraud involving his nonprofit that helped city school students.  

McFadden said he now works at the Children’s Detention Center in Rush, and at November’s meeting he asked the county for fair pay and at least one mental health day for employees every month. 

“Look at the staff attack videos that happen, nearly weekly on staff,” says McFadden. “I myself, on my first week, was attacked. Wasn’t hurt but we are not given billy clubs or pepper spray or anything. We have to talk down young people because they are children. But I would like to remind people that Mike Tyson knocked out grown men at 17-years-old.”

News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean texted McFadden using the last cell number he had for him. He did not text back. 

The contract between the county and the Children’s Detention Center expires on New Year’s Eve.