Forty cats rescued from unlivable home in Penfield; more still in need of help

More cats rescued from Penfield home

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PENFIELD, N.Y. – More cats have been rescued from a house on Whalen Road while efforts continue to seize even more.

The Humane Society at Lollypop Farm says this was a case of hoarding.

Nineteen cats were removed from the home on Monday. Staff have grabbed 21 more and still have a way to go.

Staff came to the Whalen Road home Monday after getting a call from someone concerned about the animals inside. The Humane Society has set traps in order to rescue as many cats as possible.

Once the cats are in Lollypop’s care, they are given their own safe space to decompress and are treated for any possible diseases.

The caretakers say the animals are especially nervous, so it will take them some time to learn to trust people.

Law enforcement is investigating so these cats are not up for fostering or adoption right now.

“In cases like these, one of the first things we are going to do is bring them over to the shelter and start setting them up in a quiet place, make sure they have places to hide, clean water and nutritious food,” Ashley Zeh, communications director, said. “Then our clinic is going to go through the population checking for any diseases. At this point, the cats are on hold here in the back and we are pending investigation.”

The owner, who is cooperating with investigators, did not want to comment. There is one big way you can help: by fostering or adopting some of the other cats at the shelter. There are more than 120 in need of homes right now.

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