From ‘political witch hunt’ to ‘praise God’: Rochester residents divided over Trump verdict

Local reactions to Donald Trump guilty verdict

Local reactions to Donald Trump guilty verdict

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Thursday’s unprecedented verdict in the hush money trial of former President Donald Trump sparked a wave of reactions across the country, including in the Rochester area.

News10NBC’s Bret Vetter hit the streets to hear what people had to say after the jury’s decision was announced. The guilty verdict struck a chord with just about every person he spoke with, from relief and satisfaction to defiance and determination.

Bret Vetter: “Trump was convicted on all 34 felony charges. What was your reaction to that?”

Takiyah Siplin: “Praise God.”

On the other hand, Anthony Marullo questioned the motive behind the case.

Anthony Marullo: “I find this verdict to be a product of a political witch hunt.”

Siplin and Marullo expressed disappointment in the reactions from the other side.

“The justice system works for everybody. And the people that’s upset, would they be happier if it was Biden?” Siplin asked.

“People that maybe feel, you know, happy or joyful in this, you know, it’s a little concerning. I don’t wish for this outcome upon people on the other side of the political aisle,” Marullo said.

Both say the impact of the jury’s verdict won’t be fully known until Election Day.

Others, like Natasha, feel like the verdict doesn’t change anything. “I’m not surprised. But at the same time, do I think that something is really gonna be done about it? No,” she said.

She believes that no matter what anyone thinks about the case, each side is dug in and not going anywhere.

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