Giraffe at Seneca Park Zoo, mother of Olmy, is pregnant

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Olmy, the 1-year-old giraffe at Seneca Park Zoo, is expected to have a new sibling.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced on Twitter that Olmy’s mother, a Masai giraffe named Iggy, is pregnant. She gave birth to Olmy in April 2022, who zoo leaders named after Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of Seneca Park and Central Park in New York City. The zoo’s animal care team says the giraffe could give birth by October.

Bello’s announcement comes after another giraffe at the zoo, named Kipenzi, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor after a biopsy on a growth under her jaw. Zoo veterinary staff say the prognosis is poor for the giraffe, diagnosed with a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.