Girls raise money for Veterans Outreach Center which helped their grandpa

Bake Sale for VOC

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IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. – There was a bake sale on Saturday to benefit the Veterans Outreach Center. Two girls in Irondequoit sold their fresh-baked cookies to raise money for the VOC. Their Grandpa is an army vet and said the VOC has helped him out a lot.

“They gave me so much with counseling and guidance, that I decided myself to give back and go there and work as a volunteer…” said Jeff Zilkowsky.

“They helped our grandpa cause he’s a veteran and we wanted to give back to them. Yeah, this is the first time donating some of our earnings to the VOC,” said Chloe Mace and Claire Chervenak.

News10NBC’s photojournalist, Dan Mauer, tried one of the chocolate chip cookies and said it was delicious!