Good Question: Has Abbott’s ever served a chocolate-vanilla twist?

Good Question: Has Abbott’s ever served a chocolate-vanilla twist?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Has Abbott’s Frozen Custard ever served a chocolate-vanilla twist?

Some people swear they vividly remember ordering one but others are not convinced. Jeff says “please settle this argument. Has Abbott’s Frozen Custard shops ever had twist. So many people say they do or have in the past. Abbott’s scoops their custard making it difficult to make twist. I have never seen this as an option on their menu. Please help.”

News10NBC took the question to the original Abbotts location on Lake Avenue in Charlotte. They currently serve a half-and-half with a scoop of vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on the top. But can you get a twist? Abbott’s says this is a question they get a lot.

“It’s a trick question, you see. So, one location has had our vanilla chocolate twist machine but since has been retired,” Abbott’s supervisor Jenna Amico said.

Abbott’s retired their one twist machine decades ago.

“I don’t have an exact date but I think around the 80s and 90s is when we retired it,” Amico said.

If you remember ordering a twist from Abbott’s, you would’ve ordered it at the Brighton location. Abbott’s says that’s the only store that ever had a twist machine. When customers ask for it now?

“So, it’s almost like a script. We say unfortunately we don’t have a twist but we can do a scoop of each of whatever flavor you’d like.”

So the answer is yes. Abbott’s did serve chocolate-vanilla twist at one point and at one location, many years ago.

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