Good Question: Having problems with Verizon?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Let’s answer a good question about problems with phones. Some people in the Rochester area have had problems with making calls, dropped calls, and texts not going through or showing up way late.

Here’s a comment: “Many people I’ve talked to (in all different parts of NYS) have had the same problem when talking on the phone to other people – not just me. All of the people I’ve talked to, who have noticed the same thing, have all different versions of the iPhone (new and old). Is there something going on with Verizon and the cell service?”

And another email: “I’ve been having issues for weeks- dropped calls, no internet, apps not working just searching for a signal draining my battery while on constant search I’m guessing. I thought it was my iPhone!! But it’s clearly Verizon!”

Those viewers are right. The common denominator in all the complaints — Verizon. I reached out to the company. A spokesperson told me:

“Rochester and its surrounding communities rely on Verizon, which is why we are committed to delivering reliable wireless network service and consistent network performance. As we upgrade our network in Upstate NY, the process is even more effective when we partner with local governments. In Webster, for example, we recently received approval to build a new macro cell that will boost our area coverage and capacity for Verizon customers. Those upgrades won’t all happen overnight, and we recognize a few customers may be feeling some growing pains.”

If you read between the lines, the main takeaway is the company is working to boost coverage. However, anytime something like this or any another development is happening you can run into permit issues and have to get through that whole approval and planning process to move ahead. That takes time.

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