Good Question: How can you find out when your smart meter will be installed?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — How can RG&E customers find out when their homes or businesses will get a smart meter? RG&E’s online smart meter installation tool is meant to give you an idea of when you can expect crews to come knocking on your door with the new equipment.

However, this tool is the very source of confusion for one viewer who reached out to News10NBC. Scott asked: “Every time I go on RG&E’s site to check on when my area will be getting Smart Meters, it says there is no update on that address. Can you find out where they are and numbers left to install?”

First, News10NBC entered Scott’s address into RG&E’s smart meter installation lookup tool. We got the same thing he did – a message that says “no results for your search.”

Next, we contacted RG&E with Scott’s question. A representative for the utility says you have to enter the address exactly as it appears on your bill. When we tried spelling out the word “Drive”, no luck. Abbreviate it to “Dr.” and there it is. The tool says Scott’s smart meter will be installed some time between May and September, 2025.

RG&E says you will get a post card in the mail in the weeks leading up to your installation, and a phone call a couple days before. The utility wouldn’t say how many smart meters still have to be installed in our area but a representative says more than 273,000 smart meter upgrades have been completed for RG&E customers so far.

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