Good Question: What are the white discs next to traffic lights?

Good Question: What are the white discs next to traffic lights?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Have you noticed mysterious white discs hanging next to traffic lights at busy intersections across Monroe County?

A viewer asked “can you please find out what is this white thing hanging from the traffic lights around Rochester? Are they gun shot detectors or echo cameras or something?”

News10NBC went to a representative from Monroe County for answers. The county says these devices are essentially Wi-Fi antennas. They allow the Regional Traffic Operations Center on Scottsville Road to connect with intersections that don’t have fiber connectivity.

The county operates more than 600 traffic signals. Right now, the operations center can monitor and control roughly 500 of those traffic signals using fiber.

The reason we’re seeing these white discs now is because the Monroe County Department of Transportation is working toward getting 100% of signals connected – including the ones without fiber.

The main purpose of these devices is to monitor the flow and timing of traffic. Installing these wireless communications devices is cheaper and faster than building out the fiber network, according to the county.

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