Good Question: What’s the purpose of the traffic cameras in Pittsford?

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PITTSFORD, N.Y. — What’s the purpose of the traffic cameras in Pittsford? They’re not monitoring your speed and they’re not looking to see if you’re running a red light.

Tim says: “At the intersection of Pittsford-Victor Road and Fishers Road there is an abundance of cameras/technology etc. that was not there prior… What are they!?!”

They’re down the road at the Woodcliff Drive intersection as well. While the cameras might look similar to red light cameras, the New York State Department of Transportation says they serve a different purpose.

The DOT says “the live video from those cameras is used to time the light changes at nearby traffic signals, which was previously accomplished using lines buried in the roadway. The cameras are an improvement over those lines, which require traffic disruptions to repair, and are susceptible to snow and ice issues during the winter.”

The cameras are essentially doing what the underground lines used to do but without having to stop traffic for repairs. The DOT says those cameras do not record video.

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