Good Question: What’s with this random charge on my Frontier bill?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Here is a good question about a bill. A Frontier customer told us about a random charge that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Bruce said:

“I just received my new Frontier bill for my home landline. Instead of $33, it was $52. I pay early and have no back payments due. When I looked at the bill, they charged $9.90 for Frontier Com of America. I called customer service, and nobody could tell me what that was since it was new to the bills, but they couldn’t take it off my bill. My guess is they are making everyone pay for their internet fiber upgrades, even those people who don’t use their internet service.”

Here’s the bill from last month. It has the regular charges, then that $9.90 “Frontier Com of America” fee.

Is Bruce on to something? Was the fee put on the bill as Frontier expands, rolling out new fiber-optic internet service in Webster and eventually elsewhere in Monroe County?

No, it has nothing to do with that.

Frontier told me:

“The $9.90 is for a 55-minute long-distance call made on 7/6 to Auburn, NY. We were able to locate the specific account/bill.”

I passed that along to Bruce. He said thanks and he just thought it was another ad-on that he wanted people to be aware.

So I cleared up the confusion for him. It’s not some new blanket fee for all, as Frontier starts putting that fiber-optic service in more neighborhoods.