Good Question: Where is Exit-15 on I-490?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — People who commute downtown every day for work might be familiar with this Good Question topic – if they’re coming in from the west side of the city. The question is about a missing exit.

Bob writes to us saying: “Did you ever notice there is a missing exit driving thru downtown on I-490? I didn’t either until my wife mentioned it. Where did it go?”

The missing exit he’s talking about is Exit 15. You’ll see signs for Exit 15 and Route 31 as you approach the Frederick Douglass–Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge heading east.

Heading west, however, is an entrance to 490, a portion of the Inner Loop without a sign. Driving west on 490, you’ll see signs for Exit 14 (which is Plymouth ave and broad street), then it skips to Exit 16 – which is Clinton Ave, downtown – but you won’t see Exit 15.

According to, Exit 15 was the planned end for I-390 and the former endpoint for the Inner Loop.

If you take that eastbound Exit 15, it’ll either take you to South Avenue and into the South Wedge neighborhood of the city, or Route 15, which turns into Mount Hope Avenue.

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