Good Question: Why don’t we see more full-service gas stations?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Full-service gas stations used to be common in our area. An attendant would come up to your car to ask if you needed help. Maybe they’d even wipe down your windshield for you while you wait.

However, as several of you pointed out, that kind of service is harder to find, especially for people who really need it. Here’s one we’ve gotten from a couple of different viewers:

Tom says: “Years ago, you would see gas stations around town that were self service as well as full service. I haven’t seen one in a long, long time. There are certainly people unable to pump their own gas who need full service. Are there still stations around Rochester where someone who needs assistance can get it?”

Carol also asks: “Why aren’t there more gas stations willing to provide gas pumping service?”

As it turns out, all gas stations are required by law to provide fueling assistance to drivers with disabilities upon request. This is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Gas stations are also required to have signage letting people know that help is available and they can’t charge you extra for the assistance.

If there’s only one employee working at the gas station, there is an exception. In that case, it’s not required that the employee leave their post, but they’re still encouraged to offer assistance if possible.

If you’re looking for assistance filling up your tank, there is an app you can download called fuelService. It allows you to search for gas stations in your area that have help available. In the app, you can plan the details of your visit down to your arrival time, and even which pump you plan to use.

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