Good Question: Why is the 7-Eleven on Monroe Ave. boarded up?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — This good question is about a popular spot for groceries at the corner of Monroe Avenue and Meigs Street.

It’s been out of commission for almost a week and one of you wanted to know why. A viewer wrote to us about the 7-Eleven store located at 436 Monroe Ave. in the city, saying: “The store is locked up and boarded up. Does anyone know why? Is this related to all the violence that is occurring all along Monroe Avenue? Is it temporary or permanent?”

Right now, the windows are covered and you can’t open the front door. But, the store’s Google Listing still says “open 24 hours”. When we called the store, someone answered and said they’d be closed for a few weeks, then hung up.

I went over to the location and knocked on the door but no answer. But while I was there, the building’s owner happened to be there in the parking lot, too.

He told me that last week, a woman backed her vehicle into the side of the building, hitting a row of bushes and a parking sign and causing significant structural damage to the store’s brick wall. He says right now, it’s not safe for anyone to go inside.

As far as when it will reopen? The building owner says it should be within 30 days, pending insurance.

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