Good samaritan stops to help family after Chili house fire

Coming to the Rescue

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – On Saturday, a man stopped to help a family and their animals get to safety after their house caught fire in Chili.

Peter Abe said he was just doing what he would want any other person to do for him.

“I saw a fire so I actually went to go see if they needed help and the fire truck and I got there at the same time,” Abe said.

Abe said he hopped out of his car and rushed over to help as firefighters were arriving.

“They were trying to get their vehicles out of the garage so those wouldn’t catch on fire. So, I actually got both of their vehicles out the garage for them,” Abe said.

Gates Assistant Fire Chief Timothy Goole said the fire department arrived at the house within four minutes of receiving the first 911 call.

“We had the fire under control in about 60 minutes. We did call a second alarm assignment just for the additional man power and the cold temperatures,” Goole said.

Goole said that a woman was one of the five adults who made it out of the house but was later taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after rushing back into the home to save an animal.

“They did have animals. When I was talking to somebody, they um, three dogs were out of the house, but the cat never made it,” Abe said.

Abe said that the true heroes are the firefighters who worked to put out the fire and has message for anyone who find themselves in a similar situation.

“What I would say to them is, if you want, basically, if you help somebody, in the long run somebody might help you,” Abe said.

Assistant Chief Goole said that due to the fire, the middle unit of the house is uninhabitable and those affected have been placed in housing until other arrangements can be made.