Greece PD searching for suspects after smash-and-grab attempt at gun shop

GREECE, N.Y. News10NBC is learning new information about an attempted smash and grab. A gun store owner in Greece is speaking out Thursday night after suspects tried to break into his shop.

Greece Police are searching for two suspects seen driving into the front of Allstar Tactical early Monday morning. Allstar Tactical owner Mike Centola said, “Our system went off immediately so within less than a minute we received a call from the alarm company and obviously the police get notified as well.”

Security cam video from outside the store captured the suspects just after 3 a.m. Monday slowly driving by the business located along Ridgeway Avenue in Greece, before ultimately slamming into the storefront and taking off on foot.

“I’m not 100 percent sure if targeted or not just because based on the footage it appears they drove by and came back trying to make a decision if they were going to do it or not,” Centola said.

According to information found on the store’s website, Allstar Tactical is a manufacturer of small arms, specifically the AR-15, M16, and M4 platforms, whose target markets include law enforcement, civilians and the military.

These are reasons that Centola said security remains a top priority at his business.

“I think the building overall the structure of it is pretty strong,” Centola said. “We’ve obviously done what we can and we are limited by what our landlord will let us do as far as additional hardening and everything but we do everything we can on our end.”

News10NBC reached out to Greece Police today for additional information but did not hear back. If you know the suspects in the video or have any additional information that may help investigators, you are urged to contact Greece PD.