Rochester man missing for over a month

Missing Man

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – It’s been over a month that a Rochester man has been missing.

Abdullahi Muya, 29, was last seen at his home on Van Aucker Street in the city back on Feb. 18. He’s approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 160-170 lbs, with a dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes and a beard. He is believed to be wearing a long green jacket.

His disappearance has left family members and police scratching their heads. His family says it’s not like him and are concerned he could be in danger.

His family says he needs daily medication for health reasons and are desperately searching for him.

“I would like the community to reach out to us if they see him. We need the help,” Mahamud Muya, Abdullahi’s brother said.

Mahamud spoke to News10NBC’s Marsha Augustin at the Rochester Public Safety building about his loved one. He explained Abdullahi is a son and brother. The two brothers spoke regularly. However, when a couple of days went by without speaking to him, he had a feeling something wasn’t right.

Abdullahi recently moved into a new place and loved his community. Mahamud says his brother didn’t have issues with anyone. He had a lot of good things happening in his life. It’s not like him to disappear and not be in contact with the family.

“It’s been very stressful, especially for my mom. She calls crying every day,” Mahamud said.

It’s been a tough time for the Muya family. Mahamud describes his little brother, Abdullahi, as spiritual, an athlete, and a family man.

Mahamud has searched the Grape Street area, the community center on Dr. Samuel McCree Way and Jefferson where the Somali community meets, and the market on Lyell: places where his brother spends time. He’s called his phone numerous times but has had no luck.

“Ever since I found out on the 20th until today, which is the 11th today, his phone has been off. There’s nowhere to track him,” Mahamud said.

However, the owner of the market on Lyell Avenue gave him his brother’s NY state ID when he went there asking if they’ve seen him. A customer found it in the parking lot on February 14 prior to his brother being reported missing. He doesn’t believe his brother was aware he lost the ID.

Every day that goes by, Mahamud has growing concerns for his brother’s safety and health.  

“He needs to take his medication on a regular basis, every day. It helps him to sleep. It helps him to be in the right state of mind. If he doesn’t take it in two or three days, he becomes very paranoid,” Mahamud said.

Mahamud thought of another idea to help track down his brother’s whereabouts. He went to building management on Van Aucker Street where his brother lives. Although they didn’t have surveillance footage from February 18, they were able to tell him when Abdullahi last entered the building.

“It showed he last went into the building on the 19th at 7 p.m.,” Mahamud said.

He also contacted the bank to find where his brother’s bank card was last used. The bank would not release that information.

RPD says right now there’s nothing criminal about Abdullahi’s disappearance.

“But at the same time, we can’t rule that out because of how frankly odd this is. We are concerned enough, especially because he doesn’t have his ID on him, his phone is turned off. There are some elements that bring us to the point of putting this out to the public,” Capt. Greg Bello with the Rochester Police Department said.

Making the public aware of Abdullahi’s disappearance is key. Community tips are always encouraged to help missing persons return home.

“Someone may have driven past him, might see him out walking. There are only 600 officers in Rochester so if it’s only us looking, we are not going to have the best success. If we could add the 1 million people that live in the Rochester area to help us look, that helps us get that success,” Bello said.

Abdullahi likes to walk and is believed to be on foot. If you see him or have any information, call 911.