Here we go again: Another smash-and-grab with a stolen car in the suburbs

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Ogden Police are investigating another brazen theft using a stolen car. Most of the smash-and-grabs we’ve covered have been in the city. This one happened in Spencerport.

In the security camera footage, we circled the vehicle, just as it was crashing into the store front. The impact knocked the camera to the floor, but it still picked up the sound and some of the movement of the thieves.

A different camera showed three people went to the opposite side of the store and around a corner to take three motorbikes. Police say these people left the car and got away on the bikes. This happened at Hollink Motorsports on Union Street in Spencerport.

Bill Hollink started the business three decades ago.

“Thirty seven years,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to make thirty eight.”

Hollink says this is the fifth break-in in five years.
Tony Micciche came to buck up his friend. Micciche is a former county lawmaker and worked with Hollink at GM.

“And I think what the city and county is seeing is the result of all this raise the age, no consequences for crime,” he said. “And everyone is suffering.”

Since January, the city of Rochester reports 25 “smash-and-grabs” in the city and 27 in the towns outside the city. 
Brean: “What kind of car was used?”
Chief Travis Gray, Ogden Police: “So, it was a stolen KIA.”

Chief Gray says the car was stolen in the city. Whoever did it drove 10 miles to get to this specific store. He says this problem stops when people stop stealing so many cars.

Brean: “How do we stop that?”
Chief Gray: “I think one is through partnership and collaboration through the law enforcement agencies across the state.”

The chief also means a partnership between the public and police, which means tell police what you know and harden your defenses so that you’re less of a target.

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