Health department warns that people and pets should stay out of Conesus Lake

CONESUS, N.Y. – The Livingston County Department of Health is asking people not to swim in Conesus Lake.

Blue-green algae blooms have once again been found in the water. The blooms are dangerous to both humans and pets. It causes a painful rash if it comes into contact with skin, and could cause health issues if ingested.

The health department says that it is difficult to track when the blooms will happen because the conditions have to be just right for it to grow. They have spotted it in years passed after harsh storms.

Mark Grove, the Livingston County Director of Environmental Health said, “It’s really best practice to avoid the water when they start occurring because the conditions change very rapidly. You could start with a very small localized bloom and before you know, it could be a whole lake wide issue. We especially remind people to be mindful about their pets around this time, as well when these blooms are occurring.”

The county department of health recommends that if people or their pets come into contact with the algae, to rinse off when getting out of the water to avoid side effects.