Here’s how to register to vote in Monroe County

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Election Day is just weeks away and the push is on to get people registered to vote.

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day.

According to Monroe County Board of Election officials, over 480,000 thousand people are registered to vote in the county, but they’re hoping those numbers will increase.

Pablo Castro knows firsthand how important it is to have his voice heard.

“If you don’t vote, you can’t say nothing,” said Pablo Castro. “If don’t like the government or something like that, you can’t say anything.”

Though he was previously registered to vote, he moved and got a new address, so he had to re-register. It’s something Democratic Monroe County Board of Elections Commissioner Jackie Ortiz said is common, which is why they’re out making sure people know their status.

“Just super important to continue to bring awareness and education of how easy it is to register to vote,” Ortiz said. “The importance of voting and doing what we can to make sure that we’re out in the community being able to provide that information.”

Ortiz said registration is just the first step.

“If we want our electoral outcomes to truly reflect the will of the people, we have to have as many of us as possible registered to vote and cast our ballots,” she said.

You can verify your voter status or sign up to register here. If you can’t attend a voter registration drive, you can stop by the Board of Elections at 39 West Main St. or any United States Post Office.