Hilton Central School District proposes facilities upgrades

HILTON, N.Y. — Voters will weigh in next week on capital improvement plans at Hilton Central Schools.

Two propositions will be on the ballot that are projected to cost more than $127 million. Proposition one focuses on things like replacing fire alarm systems and air conditioning at certain schools, as well as cafeteria updates.

Proposition two would include the creation of a new performing arts center and a space for physical education and athletics.

The Hilton superintendent says one reason for the updates is to attract families to the district.

“Some of the thought processes include providing these types of facilities, so that when families are making decisions. They see a great education program, they see great facilities, where people move in, the property value goes up,” said Superintendent Casey Kostorek of the Hilton Central School District.

The vote is on Tuesday, March 7 at the Parma Town Hall.