Homeowners earn thousands of dollars on PGA parking fees

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PITTSFORD, N.Y. – While thousands of golf fans are enjoying day two of the practice rounds at Oak Hill, several homeowners near the golf course are making some serious money by turning their property into a temporary parking lot.

News10NBC looks at this lucrative side business that is bringing in lots of “green.”

Many golf fans are choosing to pay whatever it cost just to have their cars close when they arrive and leave Oak Hill Country Club.

“We hold about 55 cars, and we were totally full at 10:45 this morning,” said Jodie Frisbee. She and her husband own a home 3/4 of a mile from Oak Hill Country Club, and their property looks like a used car dealership with all the latest makes and models.

“We did this actually 10 years ago when the PGA was here, and same thing. Filled up every day, so it’s been great. It’s so fun to meet so many people, and everyone is in a good mood and happy,” said Frisbee.

Currently golf fans are paying $20 to park on her property.

“It’s great. I mean, we don’t try and rip anyone off too much, but we do the going rate. Nobody complains, everybody is fine,” said Frisbee.

Anil Dhurjaty’s family home is a half mile from Oak Hill. They can fit 30 vehicles on their property at $30 a pop.

“Yeah, it was 20 yesterday, and we filled up, so we had to raise prices to test the waters,” said Dhurjaty.

Golf fans going to the PGA Championship welcome the convenience of having their cars parked close by.

Jerry Leone of Perinton said, “I do try to avoid the shuttle when I can. I’ve been to a number of tournaments. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but when there’s an opportunity, you bet I come as close as I can get.”

Victor resident Chuck Olin added, “We saw a sign, pretty cool sign down on Alpine there that said, “Parking $15, college fund.” So, there you go. You know that tells you volumes. If they’re spending the money that way, I think it’s awesome.”

We asked Dhurjaty what he plans to do with some of the money he earned.

“Some of the money is going to fixing the lawn, any damage for sure,” said Dhurjaty.

The current prices are expected to increase, once the PGA Championship officially starts on Thursday.