‘How much is a beer this week?’: Fan gets $100 after being hit by golf ball

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. -The media center is next to the driving range and shots land around us everyday.  

But out on the course Wednesday, a fan got hit by a ball and what happened after is going viral. 

News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean spoke to the fan, saw the welt on his leg, and the crisp $100 bill in his hand. 

The fan has more than a million views on his posts. And the circumstances are uncanny. 

Caleb McGuire and his buddy were walking down the first fairway when they heard the golfer’s warning. 

“We see the marshal and the marshal is all of a sudden, fore right! Fore right,” says McGuire. “We all don’t know what’s coming so we’re all with our hands on our heads making sure we don’t get hit in the head. And all of a sudden I just feel this big thud in my calf and I was like – wow, I just got hit with a golf ball.” 

McGuire stayed by the ball to see who hit him. 

“And then we see Joel Dahmen,” explains McGuire. “And we were like, ‘oh, thank God it was Joel Dahmen’ right, because everybody loves Joel Dahman.”

Dahmen was a star in the Netflix series on golf, a cancer survivor, and the “people’s golfer”- always accessible for an autograph and picture. 

Dahmen took a photo and asked McGuire an interesting question.

“He sees we have beers in our hand and proceeds to ask us how much is a beer this week? We said $14 for the small one, $17 for the big one. He was like here’s $100 go buy a few beers on me,” says McGuire.

McGuire posted the photos, and as of this morning had more than a million views. 

<Caleb McGuire, hit by golf shot: (56) “And the funniest thing is, I tweeted at him a few days ago saying, ‘hey, my buddy works at PXG, it would be great to meet you on Wednesday,’ I didn’t tweet at any other golfer. And he’s the golfer that ended up hitting me,” he explains.

Brean: “Did you spend that $100 yet?” 

McGuire: “I did spend a little on beers yesterday, but we’re going to hold the rest of it for Friday when we go tomorrow and watch them compete. It’ll be spent on beers.”

Caleb is coming back on Thursday.