‘I cried, it’s sad’: Parents voice concerns at Clyde-Savannah

Clyde-Savannah Board of Education meets

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CLYDE, N.Y. — Dozens of people attended Wednesday night’s Clyde-Savannah Board of Education meeting — many wanting to hear what the school board and superintendent had to say after four teens were accused of sexual assault.

This was the first board meeting since the allegations. The board said they couldn’t comment on the alleged sexual allegations against the teens as this is an ongoing investigation.

”The school board nor the superintendent will be commenting about the ongoing investigation on the reported events on October 31st and the recent charges against several district students,” a board member said.

They remained-tight lipped on the investigation by the Wayne County’s District Attorney’s office into an alleged sexual assault by teens in the high school locker room.

“The school district continues to cooperate and cannot comment or interfere in any manner; doing so may jeopardize the investigation itself,” the school board member went on to say.

Parents and neighbors I spoke with had concerns about the alleged sexual assault in the high school locker room and they left wanting more answers.

“I was more hoping to hear what safety precautions they were putting in place. We didn’t hear anything about that,” Debbie Marchitell said.

Her grandchild attends junior high school at Clyde-Savannah and has classes in the high school building. She expressed her reaction when she first found out about the investigation.

“I cried, it’s sad. That poor child has to live with this the rest of his life. And I hope he can get through this. I hope he doesn’t see this as something that is going to define him,” Marchitell said.

A neighbor who was at the meeting is still in shock. She was hoping to hear from the school about any possible safety measures the district would be putting in place.

“A lot of disbelief, a lot of anger. It just shouldn’t have happened,” Diane Meehan said.

Marchitell also shared the outcome she is hoping for in this alleged sexual assault.

“Healing for the victim, safety for the rest of the students, and accountability for the alleged perpetrators,” she said.