‘I was frustrated’: Customer says he paid thousands but didn’t receive sofa from Ruby-Gordon

Man says he never got sofa, but got credit score lowered

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — He paid close to $7,000 for furniture but didn’t receive all of it.

That’s what one customer says happened to him after purchasing furniture from Ruby-Gordon. He says he not only lost money but he lost points on his credit score.

Giovanni Biscardi of Greece has a family of eight. He says he purchased a new sofa along with bed furniture for his kids. He received the bed furniture but never received the $3,000 sofa he bought from Ruby-Gordon.

Now he is trying to get his money back and his credit restored.

“They told me that the nightstands and dressers were in, that they can deliver those to my house — and the couch they had no update on,” Biscardi said.

Six months later, still no couch. The sofa Biscardi has in his living room was pretty beat up with holes and stains. So in August he ordered two dressers and two nightstands and a sectional from Ruby-Gordon. they company told him that he would have it all in 12 weeks.

He still hasn’t received the sofa. But what he has received: “Credit card statements already saying that I owe money to pay for stuff that I have not received, and I also put down $1,000 towards my furniture that has not been credited or seen anything. I was also told that if I want to cancel my order I would have to pay a 20 percent restocking fee,” he said.

Biscardi said he has the receipts.

“They charged me $813 for two dressers so they whacked me $1,644. $813 for two nightstands,” he said. Plus thousands for the sofa and a $500 protection fee — for a grand total of almost $7,000, he said.

Biscardi disputed the transaction with Wells Fargo, the credit card company with whom he financed the purchase through Ruby-Gordon. But they have been slow with a response.

“They (Wells Fargo) charged me late fees. I have a perfect credit score, I own a business — so they whacked my credit card and my credit,” he said. “I did this dispute three months ago, and Wells Fargo hasn’t even contacted me back.

Biscardi says he has mouths to feed and this is hurting his pockets.

Asked his reaction when he heard Ruby-Gordon is closing, according to an announcement that owner Aaron Ruby made on LinkedIn?

“I was frustrated. like I said, I’m a sole provider of eight of us.”

Ruby-Gordon’s bankruptcy filing has 43 customers listed on it, with a total of over $65,000 owed to them.

The lawyer representing Ruby-Gordon says customers will get their money back.

If you ordered items from Ruby-Gordon and still haven’t received it, contact your credit card company to dispute it. Depending on your creditor, the process may be slow.