‘I was simply giving them their own energy back’: Woman speaks out after alleged road rage beating in Webster

Alleged road rage incident victim speaks about experience

Alleged road rage incident victim speaks about experience

WEBSTER, N.Y. — Alice Tylock says late last Thursday, a car was tailing her on Ridge Road in Webster, flashing its lights before passing her over the double-yellow line.

“A lot of cussing, a lot of bird-flipping,” Tylock said. “So I flipped him right back. And he took off.”

A little while later she pulled into the 7-11 at Five Mile Line Road. The store’s security video shows her pulling in and parking. Seventeen seconds later, the car she said was tailing her pulled in right next to her car.

“And he immediately started slamming my back window as hard as he could,” Tylock said. “I got out and I had to put a stop to that.”

What happens next was all caught on camera. You can see Tylock putting her hands on the driver of the other car. That’s when they went to the ground between the cars. That’s when a woman came out of that other car.

“Braced her hand on my car for balance and started kicking me in the head,” Tylock said.

Tylock still has a black eye, a bruised shoulder and a scraped elbow. Her discharge papers from Strong say she probably got a concussion. Just before she talked to News10NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean, Tylock says Webster Police called her.

“And it looks like they’re going to get away with it because, well, I got out of my car and I pushed him and because I made first contact if anyone gets arrested, we all get arrested,” Tylock said. “I would get arrested for defending myself.”

Berkeley Brean: “That’s what the police told you?”

Alice Tylock: “That’s what the police told me just a few minutes ago on the phone.”

Police told News10NBC it’s an open investigation.

Berkeley Brean: “Why did you get out of your car and push the guy?”

Alice Tylock: “Because he was trying to break the window of my car.”

In the instructions a jury gets in a case of self-defense, nowhere does it say a person has a duty to retreat before using physical force. Tylock doesn’t know why she was a target but admits there was bad language and gestures before pulling off the road.

Berkeley Brean: “You admit that you gave them the middle finger.”

Alice Tylock: “Of course I did.”

Berkeley Brean: “But did you do anything you think, as you recall, that would have triggered their anger?”

Alice Tylock: “No, I was simply giving them their own energy back.”

In their release, the Webster Police say if you’re driving and you think someone is making you feel unsafe or harassing you or tailing you, call 911 and drive to the closest police department.

Webster Police say they located the car that drove away. But they’re still asking anyone in the area of Ridge Road and Five Mile Line Road last Thursday night around 10:20 p.m. to please call and tell them what you saw.

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The security video:

Security video of alleged road rage attack

Security video of alleged road rage attack