‘I was stunned’: Animal remains found outside Eastman Dental

Dead Animals Found

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A panicked viewer called News10NBC on Wednesday morning, after seeing something pretty horrific outside Eastman Dental, on Elmwood Avenue. She said her son found a butchered animal as he left an appointment.

News10NBC started immediately making calls, and turns out, the horrific discovery was true. The Humane Society of Greater Rochester is investigating the discovery of two deceased, dismembered goats and a chicken outside the dental building.

Warning; The details are deeply disturbing.

The animal deaths don’t appear to be natural. In fact, a spokesperson said there were some other items on site that suggest, this could have been religious in nature.

Mary McCready, is the viewer who called about this. Her son had a dentist appointment, and when he called her to pick him up, there was panic in his voice. He saw the goats under a tree, and freaked out. Once Mary arrived to get her son, she saw for herself, too. She said she also saw investigators arriving.

Mary provided a photo of what she found, but it’s too graphic to air on TV. The animals appear to have been slaughtered and dismembered.

The humane society said it’s an active investigation, but there’s no suspects at this time.

“What does this mean? You know, everybody thinks this has a meaning and that’s what I thought, it has a meaning,” said Mary. She said she believes it was some kind of sacrifice. “I’ve heard of crazy things in Rochester but not that,” she said. “It’s horrible, I think of the poor goats, what they went through before it happened. Thats terrible.”

A spokesperson for Eastman Dental said the remains were quickly removed from the lawn.

The University of Rochester’s Department of Public Safety is investigating as well.