‘Imagine RIT’ festival showcases students’ creativity, innovation

HENRIETTA, N.Y. — Rochester Institute of Technology Saturday hosted the “Imagine RIT” festival, a chance for RIT students to showcase their creativity and innovation through projects.

There were more than 400 exhibits set up Saturday for visitors to view and interact with, inspired by disciplines including art, medicine, engineering, and more.

Student Xinmei Zheng says the festival is an inspirational experience.

“I might go into, like, the engineering building or some other building to find a project that talks about a topic that I haven’t thought about, and that may influence me and my projects in the future.

Zheng showed us her project, which she calls ‘Pebble.” It’s a light made of pieces that you can stack together that glow in a rhythm that encourages meditation and relaxation — and it comes with an app.