In-Depth: Comparing number of school superintendents of other districts to Rochester


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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The next superintendent in Rochester will be the fourth in five years. NEWS10NBC wanted to go more in-depth and compare that to districts in other cities about the same size as Rochester.

The districts looked at do not have the turnover that that the RCSD does.

Buffalo: Two superintendents since 2015.

Albany: Two full time superintendents since 2017.

Madison, Wisconsin: Three superintendents since 2020 but one was an interim as its board searched for a new one.

Spokane, Washington: One superintendent since 2020.

Dayton, Ohio: Two superintendents since 2020.

Toledo, Ohio: One superintendent since 2014.

Including interims, Rochester city school students, parents and teachers have had seven superintendents since 2016.