Increased safety measures called for after SUV speeds across Franklin’s campus

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Rochester Police are still searching for the driver of the SUV from the incident that happened Tuesday afternoon at Franklin High School, as students were leaving for the day.

Unfortunately, teachers, and administrators say these kinds of incidents are happening far more frequently. News10NBC spoke to district leaders about security measures to keep everyone safe.

Students, and adults ran for their lives to avoid being hit by the careening vehicle. The good news, no one was hurt in the incident.

“I think we need to have logical consequences for criminal behavior not only on the streets, but at schools as well,” says Rochester Teacher Association President Adam Urbanski.

Franklin High School as well as many other schools in the city continue to see violent acts happening on their campus. Earlier this year one student was nearly killed on the doorsteps of the high school. Around then city teachers and other staff members had their cars broken into or stolen. Urbanski says new security measures are in the works.

“I spoke with the Superintendent, he has reached out to the Mayor and jointly they are seeking to put concrete barriers on the premises of the Franklin campus,” says Urbanski.

The Kia SUV jumped the curb and raced across the grounds. Students were forced to run to avoid being hit. Police who have been stationed at city high schools since the attempted shooting at Franklin earlier this year tried to stop the driver, but they got away.

The City has seen a number of car thefts this year- many of them Kia’s and Hyundai’s. Police are looking into whether this SUV was stolen. The Teacher’s Union is currently working on a list of recommended safety measures they want put in place but say much of the work should start at home.

“Parents have to play a role here. They must speak to their children about responsible behavior and not endangering the lives of others, and not destroying property of others, or else we’re going to lose our school system,” says Urbanski.

“The Mayor is working with the state police, and there’s going to be increased presence, and they’re going to be monitoring for Kia’s and Hyundai’s,” Marisol Romas-Lopez, Director of Communications for Rochester City Schools added.

She says schools in the district have become a prime target for crimes.

“It is very concerning. We need the community to get involved. If they’re seeing something that doesn’t look right to identify it and call 911. Our students are in danger when these situations happen and they’re completely out of control” says Ramos-Lopez.

So far, no arrests have been made in Tuesday’s incident. Rochester Police were on campus again on Wednesday where they spotted a stolen Kia SUV in the area. They followed it, and say several juveniles dumped the SUV and ran. Those suspects also got away.