Family Fitness Festival at McQuaid raised money in memory of beloved teacher

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – One local organization held their second annual Family Fitness Festival on Sunday at McQuaid high school. Jamie’s Bridge was started in honor of second-grade teacher Jaimie Magee Lesnick, who passed away two years ago from ovarian cancer.

Organizers say she had a passion for ensuring education was accessible for all people. This event was organized to raise funds for parents from all over the Rochester area.

“This is really important for us to carry on Jamie’s legacy. Her biggest joy in life was to make education accessible for absolutely everybody. She would go out and buy winter coats for her students, backpacks, clothing, and, food for the weekend. She just wanted to make sure she could ease any burden they would have, and so that’s what we’re doing through Jamie’s Bridge, is to continue to live her legacy,” said Maggie Frasca, elementary school teacher.

Jamie’s Bridge will host another fundraising event this September. Details here.