Keeping you and your gifts safe while holiday shopping

How to keep yourself and your gifts safe at Eastview Mall

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VICTOR, N.Y. — The holiday shopping season is officially here. And with so many people in the mall, it’s important to know how to keep yourself and your gifts safe.

The sheriff said that more than 2 million people visit Eastview Mall during the holiday season.

Ontario County Sheriff David Cirencione says that one of the main things they’ll be doing is increasing the number of uniformed deputies that are at the mall every day.

They also have a drone that they can put up 150 feet to see the entire campus of the mall, to help keep an eye out for anything suspicious in the parking lot.

But there are some things you can do to keep yourself and your stuff safe.

“Sometimes folks come up and do a lot of shopping and end up with a lot of packages and they make several trips out to their car to put their gifts away and then come back into the mall. We recommend, if you’re going to do that, put your gifts in the trunk again so your new gifts and your items aren’t visible to people that are walking through the parking lot,” Cirencione said.

Cirencione also recommends that you walk out to your car with another person, or you can ask one of the security officers to walk you out.