Kwanzaa day 4: Showcasing local vendors

Celebration for the fourth day of Kwanzaa

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Friday was day four of Kwanzaa.

The Rochester Kwanzaa Coalition continued its festivities at the West-End Business Center with a display of local vendors — which is fitting, considering day four’s message of cooperative economics.

“The whole point behind it is being able to start businesses, have businesses, and be self sufficient within our own community, and circulate the dollars within in our own community and pull our resources together to elevate our own community,” says Paul Adell Jr., a chairman at the Rochester Kwanzaa Coalition.

Saturday, the fifth day of Kwanzaa, they will light the candle representing the principle Nia, or purpose. It encourages us to look within and not only set personal goals, but also to choose goals that benefit our community.