Lack of snow is affecting Bristol Mountain skiers and snowboarders but not stopping them

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. A couple of weeks ago, News10NBC spoke with the Links at Greystone about how the lack of snow has affected snow tubing. 

This time I spoke with Steven Fuller, the VP at Bristol Mountain, about how it has affected skiers and snowboarders. 

“It’s certainly a challenge,” he said. “Especially without snow in people’s backyards, they typically might not be thinking about skiing and snowboarding, especially those who may have never skied or snowboarded before.” 

I know I haven’t, but even with virtually no natural snow Bristol Mountain says they’ve got it. 

“That has certainly been our mission this winter,” Fuller said. “It has been focusing on letting people know that hey we have snow here at Bristol Mountain. We seem to be hoarding all the Rochester snow right here with plenty of snow at Bristol.”

Not only has there been a deficit in snow, but it has been mild as well. It has affected the snow-making process, as Bristol is usually done making its snow around this time. 

“This year we have certainly tried to make as much snow as we can, and still with colder weather in the outlook we do plan to make more snow,” Fuller said. “Maybe not as typical as a normal year. If it is a colder winter we wouldn’t still be thinking around this February, mid-February, thinking about making a lot of snow, but we are still in that mindset with a lot of winter to go.” 

We are expecting some snow at the end of the week, which will help boost the mountain’s snowpack. As far as March is concerned, it does look cold, which will also help the snow-making process through the remainder of the season. For more information on events and open trails at the mountain click here.