Law enforcement searching for suspects after pregnant horse shot dead

Horse Shot

Horse Shot

BROCKPORT, N.Y. – Humane Society Law Enforcement are looking for who is responsible for shooting and killing a 15-year-old pregnant American Quarter Horse in Brockport last week.

Michelle Didas and her husband Kyle Didas say they’ve kept horses for years and never had something like this happen.

“We have almost 20 here and we’ve never had one get loose in the six years we’ve been here out of a pasture,” Michelle said.

Their pregnant 15-year-old Quarter Horse, Pritz, was found shot about 100 yards away from their property in Brockport last Sunday morning.

“The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. They were obviously the only ones on duty at that time. They came out and started our police report for us and they’ve done an outstanding job for us,” Kyle said.

Since then, there have been no leads in the investigation but according to Kyle, there was no way this shooting was unintentional.

“There was no indication that this was a mistake. This was a shot that was, ya know, put on her, a shot to kill, and I do not believe, or we do not believe, any mistake here,” Kyle said.

Kyle and Michelle hope that anyone who saw or heard anything comes forward.

“I think any little thing. If you saw a car parked somewhere or anything that you might think is insignificant it could matter. That would be the biggest thing, if you saw something, say something,” Michelle said.

Anyone with information about what happened is urged to call the Humane Society Law Enforcement hotline at 585-223-6500.