Leaders across faith backgrounds in Rochester call for ceasefire and return of hostages

Interfaith leaders call for ceasefire

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Leaders from across religious backgrounds gathered on Monday in Rochester to call for a ceasefire and the return of hostages in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Members from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and other communities joined together at the Gandhi Institute on South Plymouth Avenue. They say that, around the world, people are resorting to violence to solve conflicts but that doesn’t solve problems.

“We live in the biggest democracy and democracy is people’s power. If there is enough, people who believe the message that it is through peace you can achieve,” said Abu Islam of the Muslim Engagement for Civic Action. “If it is through dialogue and cease-fire, you can achieve peace then I am sure the political leaders will listen, and they will also enforce that in the outside world.”

Leaders say every tradition teaches peace through dialogue and that’s how Israel and Gaza must come to a permanent solution.