Local calls for increases in state aid

Local Calls for Increases in State Aid

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The New York State Conference of Mayors says something’s gotta give! The cities it represents can’t keep absorbing the increased costs of essential services like bridge and road repairs, safe water and plowing without more state funding to help. 

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans says there hasn’t been a change in this state aid formula for over a dozen years. Adding, it’s just not sustainable.

And he’s not the only one. Neighboring mayors gathered around today, stretching from Fairport to Honeoye Falls to Brockport.

In simple terms, think of all the ways inflation has affected day-to-day life. Now think of how that affects everything a municipality maintains: Road salt, employee wages, rec. center support. Leaders are asking for an increase in payments to reflect rising costs for these necessities. Stressing, it’s imperative for safe roads, water, and infrastructure. And it could make or break a project for a small town.

Barbara Van Epps is executive director of NYCOM.

“If our local leaders do not have the funding for the essential services they provide, either those services are going to disappear or the cost of those services is going to be funded by our taxpayers, our residents.”

Mayor Malik Evans of Rochester said, “We know that the aim formula has shortchanged Rochester for many years. We calculated that just Rochester alone, if we got our fair share, it would equal probably about 34 million dollars and we can do a lot with that money. That would support our city”

The current budget proposals in both the assembly and the senate do include an increase to this funding for cities and villages but as we know, that’s not set in stone just yet. The legislature is still negotiating with the governor.