Local child care center relieved that the State loosened COVID-19 guidelines

HENRIETTA, N.Y. – Child care centers are welcoming the State’s updated COVID guidelines which loosen many of the restrictive rules that were put in place more than two years ago, and fall in line with the CDC.

News10NBC talked to a local day care center, and told us what this all means for them.

Day care operators are happy to see things are finally getting back to pre-COVID times again, but they will also do their best to keep both children, and staff safe from the virus.

“It will be more helpful with maintaining not only our attendance with our children here at the school, but also our staffing as well,” said Michelle Ellis Executive Director at the Care-A-Lot of Henrietta.

New York State’s release of new COVID-19 guidelines couldn’t have come at a better time for day care centers such as Care-A-Lot of Henrietta. Ellis says she was very excited to get the new set of relaxed rules.

“Having these guidelines relaxed a little bit is very similar to a child having a cold, and in the school system meaning that they are still able to attend, but we would definitely monitor their health throughout the day,” said Ellis.

The big change, anyone who had close contact with someone with COVID no longer needs to quarantine. Children who test positive are required to stay home for 5 days, or until they test negative. They need to be fever free for 24 hours.

A child returning to the program between 5, and 10 days should wear a well-fitting mask up through day 10, or they may remove their mask following two negative COVID tests taken 48 hours apart.

Children who are unable to wear a mask can still return if they do not have symptoms. These changes mean no more full class quarantines.

“It’s not only helpful with keeping our business open and running, and being able to have our staff working, but it’s also huge for that working family who doesn’t have to miss work, nor do they have to take time off work to take, stay home with a child who is fully healthy,” said Ellis.

She also says just because these rules are loosen, safety is still a priority.

“We are required to do health checks. So still any child who may come in with any types of symptoms whether they are colds, flu, or COVID-19 will still be monitored, and you know we will have that conversation with parents in regard to what needs to be done in order for them to continue here at the center,” said Ellis.