Local CPR classes continue to fill up fast

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ROHCESTER, N.Y. – After two high-profile cardiac arrest cases, more people are now choosing to learn more about CPR, and how to apply it correctly. News10NBC visited one CPR class, and training session hosted by Rochester Regional Health.

After most of us witnessed what happened to Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin, and heard about Bills Co-Owner Kim Pegula’s own cardiac arrest, many medical experts say the best training you should know is CPR.

“Having people who are willing, and able to help before emergency services could get there, can make all the difference to making sure we keep a loved one alive,” said RGH Dr. Deborah Maier.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR for short, is an important lifesaving technique that’s useful in all emergency situations after a person stops breathing. Saturday morning several people attended one of many CPR training sessions at Rochester Regional Health. Dr. Maier tells us how important these classes have become in just the past several weeks.

“We didn’t realize how much the community wanted something like this, until we put it out there, and we put out three different events, and they all booked out, and people were like they’re booked, how can we get into more?” said Maier.

Buffalo Bills Co-Owner Kim Pegula went into cardiac arrest while sleeping back in June. Her daughter Kelly gave her CPR until paramedics arrived and restored her heartbeat. According to her other daughter Jessica, their mother is still in recovery. Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He received CPR for several minutes, which helped to save his life.

While people practiced the proper way to perform CPR on medical mannequins, we asked why is learning CPR so important to them.

“I’ve always thought about it when my kids were little, and my grandkids, and this was a great opportunity, easy access, and they just made it, no reason not to come,” said Joyce Schimdt.

Her husband Mike added, “Obviously Damar Hamlin, what happened to him, and you know recognizing that there is a need for this.”

Although the class lasts about an hour, RGH says it’s still worth it.

“These are meant to be an introductory classes. There won’t be a certification card attached, but it’s more educational, and a little hands-on,” said Dr. Maier.

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