Local customers line up for fish fries on Good Friday

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GREECE, N.Y. Friday night is a busy night for restaurants selling fish fries. At one local seafood restaurant the line inside wrapped around the store!

For some customers, Friday night is for fish fries. For others, it’s a dish celebrated on Good Friday and on Fridays during Lent each year.

Davies Seafood located on Stone Road in Greece is one popular spot for Friday fish fry. Inside hungry customers eagerly waited in this line to place an order. Many order more than just one take-out meal to feed the entire family. Employees work as fast as they can to meet the demand for that golden battered jumbo haddock and french fries.

“I actually come every Friday now because I grew up on this Davies Seafood,” Cindy Mangione said. “I was a little girl when I used to come here. It’s really good. You get a big portion for the price.”

“It was recommended by my mother-in-law,” Jorge Rivera said. “So I’m just trying it out with the family on Good Friday.”

According to the website Mashed, which looked at the history of the fish fry, the tradition goes back as far as the year 1249. That’s when canon law forbade Catholics to eat meat on Fridays.