Local dealership helps woman after vandals destroyed her car

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – There’s been more than 400 cars stolen in our city this year. That doesn’t include all the cars thieves couldn’t manage to steal, but damaged them so badly they were useless.

A local car dealership was moved by a young woman who lost her only car when someone tried to steal it. The bad guys didn’t get her car, but they tore it apart and took off. It’s the only way she got to work and her mother’s house. 

The back window is shattered and the steering column is ripped open. This was the car Ebony Sanders worked hard to earn. 

Sanders: “And they were in my car. They vandalized me.”

June Kinsella was watching Sanders’ story, and she’s the marketing director at Vision Automotive. 

Brean: “What prompted you to do this?”

Kinsella: “She is working two jobs. She doesn’t have the means to help herself and I don’t know, I just felt something when I watched it.”

Kinsella called the dealership owners.

Kinsella: “They said call her up, let’s get her a car, let’s fix her car and let’s make it right.”

That’s what happened today. Sanders was invited to the dealership in Webster.  Vision agreed to fix her car and pay the deductible and give her a new, free loaner. 

Sales Director Vision Automotive, Joseph Foster: “Her story was very compelling and we just wanted to help and give back.”

Sanders: “This is a big surprised. A big surprise. So I appreciate it. Thank you so much.”

But the surprises weren’t over. 

Andre Langston, WDKX: “Do you like DKX?” 

Ebony Sanders: “Yes I like DKX.” 

Langston: “See you at the show.”

When Sanders arrived at the Vision Dealership, Andre Langston was there from WDKX with free tickets to the radio’s station’s concert Friday night. 

Sanders: “I just appreciate it. Appreciate it. And with WDKX too, going to the Whispers.”